Jack Larson Art Android : Zombie Art

Monday, 17 September 2012, 8:05 | Android

Jack larson zombie art android is very popular and many users are talking about this open source mobile OS. So, what is it? Zombie art created by Jack Larson is a hidden image on your Android. This image has been embedded in your OS, so if you tap on the OS version on your Android phone settings you will see a painting by Jack Larson. Maybe you do not understand what is this, or what is the picture? So, here is the picture.

jack larson android

Developers have planted these images in any version of the OS, but all are not equal. If you have ICS, you will see the robot dressed up. If you are using OS 4.1, you’ll see a cutesy bean. It’s just entertainment you are trying to break through. So, How to see that?

This is the secret art on this special OS. Previously, we did not know about this art, but after seeing some talk on the forums, we tried and it’s true.

1. You can try to go to settings
2. Tap “about phone” menu
3. Tap “android version” repeatedly.
4. So, you will see the picture.

Well, I hope this article relieve your curiosity about Jack Larson Zombie Art on Android.

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  1. Whoppers says:

    You know, this weirds me out a little.. Why zombies? (dont get me wrong, I love me some COD: Zombies) but, why zombies with phones plastered to their heads? Its a cool easter egg, but its specifically.. art, which usually has meaning; what is this art portraying? That phone users are zombies to the company(s) that makes millions upon millions of dollars a year? What about the gingerbread man? I dont fully understand that either in representation or reference. I’m not trying to dog a cool easter egg, but it just seem quirky to me…thanks for any input, just want to hear an educated ‘hypothesis’ if you will

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