Tranzit Green Run Walkthrough Black Ops II

Friday, 16 November 2012, 8:42 | Walkthrough

Tranzit green run tips, guide and walkthrough is available on byuur. In this section we will share all about it so you can play easily. Green Run is a Zombies map that is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It is the main map in which the campaign mode, TranZit takes place. The map is spilt into three sections, “Bus Deport”; “Town” and “Farm” (plus Nacht Der Untoten in TranZit mode). The events in the map are set after “Richtofen’s Grand Scheme” from the previous map, “Moon”.

Tranzit Green Run Walkthrough Black Ops II

Starting at the Bus Depot, the player has to kill zombies and carry out certain objectives, and then ride on the bus that awaits him/her outside. The bus then makes a stop at the different maps.

On the way, there are some additional locations that a player encounters. These are:

Encountered from Bus Depot to Diner. There are two places on the left where items can spawn.

Corn Field
Along route from Power House to Town.

Nacht Der Untoten
This is actually found to the right in the Corn Field. The path is narrow and easy to miss. Two items can spawn here.

Power Tower
In the Corn Field on the left side.

Past the Corn Field – towards the right. There will be some fire on the ground to the right, which will lead to the Cabin.

We will avoid all the story spoilers in an effort not to ruin the thrill and excitement of uncovering many hidden secrets in Black Ops 2 zombie mode. You can’t finish Tranzit; it’s just a matter of how many rounds you can survive and how many secrets you can uncover. We recommend playing few rounds to get a grip of different patterns of the undead. If you have played zombie mode before, you should already know the general strategies to kill these zombies and survive longer.

What’s New?
Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit mode continues the Zombie legend with four new survivors and offers everything you have come to expect from the classic zombie mode. Plus, it brings two new features which should definitely help you in your quest to survive the hordes of zombies. These are buildables and the Bus. See you on the next Tranzit walkthrough.

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